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Nice Night For A Bar Fight

One Man Revival

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One Man Revival

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One Man Revival

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This is the bands first ever album.

The album shows the first 4 years of songs that the band have been playing on the live scene and the ones that they have chosen to be the ones that went down well with the audiences. Along with some never heard before songs that the band hope you will enjoy.

The tracks ‘Nice Night For A Barfight’, ‘In The End’ and ‘Save me’ were was recorded at The Cluny, Newcastle. The Rest of the album has been recorded solely by the band after a successful Indiegogo campaign to fund the album.

The Band would like to thank James Mckenzie Roberts, Laura Roberts & Martin Kennedy for their massive contributions in the funding of this album. Also for the friends, family and fans that continue to keep us on the straight and narrow and being the best fans a band could ask for.



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